Jami Beezley

I am old school when it comes to diet and exercise, I read and listen to the trends, there is great research on the benefits of diet and exercise. I also believe to be good at what you do no matter what your goals, you should be in tune with your body. Starving is never good, massive amount of carbohydrates and simple sugars are horrible for your body. I also believe in being healthy, clean eating not only thinking about what your body looks like on the outside but cardiovascular healthy.  Cheat days will not  kill you, your body needs rest, work hard, don’t give excuses you either put in the work or you don’t. Achieve your goals not someone else’s.

I am frequently told I look scary or am intimidating in the gym, not at all, I am focused and do not want to lose my pump.

I have always been active, I obtained my true love for iron in 1996, and have missed few days in the gym since. I’m always training to be a better me. The gym is where I go to gain focus, refuel and relieve stress. It’s like getting up in the morning and brushing your teeth, I just do it. My first competition was in 2012 where I placed third in NPC figure . I am a figure competitor and love it. I love molding my body and pushing myself to do better than I did last time .  I have competed and always place in the top 3 in NANBF and NPC.  I am happy to see the sport gain competitors, but sadden that everyone thinks they can put on a suit and get up on stage then say they compete. There’s a difference in getting on stage and actually competing. This year I am focusing on NPC in the fall.

I also work full time, have three little ones and am getting my advanced degree.

I always go to supplement nation for my needs I typically use BCAA, protein lots of protein, preworkout, miami lean, greens and fiber.  I am never disappointed in products or results.

Jami Beezley

Height: 5’4″

Weight: I do not typically weigh … I listen to my body shape it according to how I look and feel. People get obsessed with scales.