Darrel Leutung

Darrel Leutung




I come from a small Missouri town and grew up with little athletic ability.  I did have heart and an extremely strong will to never give up.  This drive got me through some of the toughest training in the Army and serves me well in preparing for physique competitions.

I started competitions late in life, prepping for my first show at the age of 43 and competed at 44.  Last year I competed in NANBF placing 5th in men’s 40+ physique and I placed 2nd in men’s 40+ at the Body and Beauty Classic.  This year I placed 2nd at the Body and Beauty Classic in men’s physique 40+ and 2nd in my class in the men’s open.

I vary rarely step on a scale, but instead monitor my body fat.  I stay at 8% or below year round and never miss a training day.  I love training and enjoy prepping for competition more than the competition itself, (really do not enjoy the spray tan stuff).

Diet is the key to staying lean year round and supplements fill the gaps that diet alone cannot.  I monitor or measure everything and the only way to know is to put it on paper, you have to write it down; Carbs, Protein and Fats.  I routinely switch up my whey, pre-work outs and amino acids, although, I do have my favorites.   I live on a budget and use Supplement Nation for quality products at a great price. 

Don’t wait to make a change in your life….start exercising, start a diet plan.  It’s never too late, there are no excuses, there is no age limit….I have proven it.